Can you help a project creating an assistive device for London Underground?

UCL Assistive technology

I’m doing a project on creating an assistive device for use on the London public transport, specifically the London underground.

In case anyone with a form of visual impairments is able to donate any time, – here is a general survey  which takes between 1-3 minutes to complete.

– If you’re able to devote between 10-15 minutes then it would be great to do a brief phone or in person interview. This is just an extension of the survey.  I’m generally free during the days and am happy to work around your schedule for this.

Alternatively, if you have between 30-45 minutes then i’ll be doing some brief user testing of prototypes on the UCL campus next week. This will entail navigating around corridors which have been marked with the specially designed printable tags.

If you yourself are interested in taking part or know someone that maybe interested

Please contact  Albert Higgins

MSc Human Computer Interaction, Div of Psychology & Lang Sciences, UCL

 information sheet: providing more details about the project.

and consent form:   


Project that helps people get online to be extended after funding boost!

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