British Cycling London Events 2018!

Para Cycling
Lee Valley VeloPark, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Abercrombie Road, London, E20 3AB
0161 274 2000
14th July 2018
Online: (£5.00 + £1.00 Application fee), On Day: (£10.00)

HSBC UK Disability  London Hub Race days

**New for 2018**

We have introduced a few new aspects to the disability hub sessions this year which include:

My Personal Best – Across all disability hub sessions, coaches will be offering riders the opportunity to complete a personal best time on their hub circuit. This data will be recorded and riders will have the chance to improve on this throughout the year.

 HSBC UK Disability Hub Race Days – A selection of the disability hubs will be running race events in 2018 to provide riders the opportunity to test themselves in a number of different race categories with riders of a similar ability. The HSBC UK Disability Hub Race days will provide riders a great opportunity to experience racing for the first time before progressing into regional or national competition.

HSBC UK Disability Hub Race – 14th July – London (Lee Valley)

HSBC UK Disability Hub Race – 17th November – London (Lee Valley)

HSBC UK Disability Hub Track Sessions– We have also secured six track coaching sessions at Lee Valley Velopark. These are open to beginner and more experienced track riders. Booking is via the online events page on the British Cycling website:

I would encourage anyone looking to attend any of these sessions to book early via the online booking page. This allows our coaches time to plan the sessions in advance, booking online also provides riders with a discounted rate for each session.

When riders book onto the sessions via the online events page it will ask if they require a pilot rider and a tandem. we will then receive this information and can then arrange for a local pilot riders to attend the session.

If anyone wanted to bring along their own pilot rider then this is also fine. I would suggest the pilot rider contact  so we can book them onto the session, this also avoids the pilot rider been charged for the sessions as all pilot riders will ride free of charge.

In regards to age and bike size. We do not have a cut off for this but we do only have access to adult size tandems at the moment. We may have other bikes on site that can be used by children, so it would be worth contacting before booking.



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