Blind Sailing Week 7 – 13 July

Blind Sailing Week: 7 - 13 July
Royal Lymington Yacht Club, 19 Bath Rd, Lymington SO41 3SE
01225  336205
07th July 2019
fee this year will remain at £250.

Blind Sailing Week: 7 – 13 July 2019

(Hosted by The Royal Lymington Yacht Club, organised through Sporting Activities for the Disabled Charitable Trust)

Planning for this year’s South Coast ‘Blind Week’ is now underway and there are some important changes to announce. We are delighted to say that Mike Browne has again kindly agreed to facilitate this event through his charity, without his support we simply would not be able to offer you a week of sailing.

The changes.

First, there is a change of club to host this year’s event. Last year the Royal Southampton YC had to close its clubhouse in Ocean Village so new arrangements have been put in place with the Royal Lymington Yacht Club to host Blind Week 2019. Further details on getting to and from Lymington and other arrangements will be sent out in April with joining instructions should we be able to offer you a place.

The week starts on Sunday 7 July finishing on the following Saturday, 13 July 2019

Second, we have had to make a slight adjustment to the dates that were announced in Falmouth last year to fit in with the club’s diary. This year we will start the week a day later, on Sunday 7 July finishing on the following Saturday, 13th. The regular format for the week will remain unchanged in all other respects, it is just that the event will be a day shorter than normal. Following our usual routine, we will start the week with dinner at the club on Sunday evening returning for the end of week dinner on Friday 12 July.

Finally, while Will is away with family commitments, certainly for the early part of the New Year, Grant is going to return to take on the lead of managing the event. Both Will & Grant will work together on Will’s return to the UK leading up to the event itself.

If you are visually impaired and would like to apply for a place for the week please contact Grant (details below) by the end of March at the latest.  If you have already sent an e-mail expressing an interest could you please reply to Grant otherwise there is a danger that you will accidentally miss out.

And don’t forget that sailing experience is not necessary as beginners are most welcome. So, if you know of any visually impaired adult who may not be aware about Blind Week, but would like to come along, or any friend who doesn’t appear to have received this letter, please ask them to contact Grant (they must be over 18).

I am thinking of sending a Fleet to cruise further afield this year as we did some years ago, most likely to France and the Channel Islands. Perhaps you would let me know if joining such a Fleet would be of interest?  I cannot promise if this will go ahead as it all depends on boat availability and numbers interested, not to mention the weather of course!  At this stage, it is impossible to confirm places until we know the availability of boats, so do bear with us until April when we will know more.

It is important, especially if this is your first ‘Blind Week’, that you understand that the yachts we use are not specially equipped to cater for any specific disabilities. Hence you will need a moderate level of agility to allow you to take a full and active part on board during the week. In applying for a place on the week we assume that you meet both the age and agility criteria.

We have managed our best to contain the ever-increasing costs of Blind Week and the fee this year will remain at £250.

This letter was generated from our database of people who have shown an interest in Blind Week but, under new data protection legislation, please advise if you wish your name to be removed from the list.

If you would like to take part in Blind Week 2019 please contact Grant: By email:  or by telephone:  01225  336205 (Home) 07740  930528 (Mobile)

More information will be out in April and, in the meantime, we look forward to hearing from you.


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