BBS National Archery Championships!

BBS Outdoor Archery Championship 7th to 9th September

Britsh Blind Sports National Outdoor Archery Championship

Please find links to the entry/accommodation booking form and information sheet for the Outdoor Championships at Lilleshall National Sports Centre 7th to 9th September 2018.

Download: Entry/Accommodation Form

Download: information sheet

Please read the information sheet carefully (or have it read to you), it contains important rules and regulations regarding the competition. If you have any problems opening them let me know.

The forms have been updated; they are in ‘Word’ format and suitable for screen readers.

If you have an old version of Word, below 2007, you may not be able to access the forms correctly.

Please return completed forms in the first instance to: and copy to:

Forms must be returned by the specified dates.

Remember that the WA VI 1440 is UK Record Status.

 Robin Hall (Tournament Organiser)



The Accommodation and Entry forms for those staying residential must be returned to by 8th June 2018 latest. Entry forms for non residential competitors will be accepted up until 17th August 2018 latest.

Email forms to:

            and copy to:

Tournament Organiser: 07766 744073    Tournament Secretary: 01792 812212


Accommodation is charged at £40.00 per person per day (concessionary)

Payment method by Bank Transfer to:

Sort code: 40-27-06   Account No. 72417111 – State reference ACC10 and your name

IMPORTANT: Lilleshall charge for cancellations, this is around £15.00 if you cancel within three months of the event. If you cancel within seven days of the event then Lilleshall will charge the full cost of your accommodation. All costs will be recouped from yourself, less any deposit paid. Let the Tournament Secretary know immediately if you need to cancel.

 Be aware that accommodation can become limited at busy periods, so if you book late, rooms may not be available and you will be responsible for finding (and paying for) your own alternative accommodation.


Saturday Championship Round – WA VI 1440

Shot under AGB Rule 310 and is UK Record Status – Dress Regulation Rule 307 applies

12 dozen arrows at 30 meters using 10 zone scoring:

3 dozen on a 60cm face & 3 dozen on an 80cm face shot in ends of six in 4 minutes

3 dozen on an 80cm face & 3 dozen on a 122cm face shot in ends of six in 4 minutes

If you wish to be included in any Handicap round, you must submit an up to date handicap

Handicaps will only be accepted if dated and signed by your Records Officer.

This can be done either by email or in writing and presented on the day.

A valid BBS and Archery GB membership cards will be required at registration and a CVI form if requested to do so. The sight classification must be registered with BBS Head Office. Entry to the competition may be refused if you fail to show any of this information!

Record Status tournaments are liable for drug testing, if asked to do so you must comply, a refusal will be treated as a positive result.

For the Saturday Championship Round all archers will shoot in the Shooting Categories as defined in the “BBS-AS Shooting Category Definition Document”.

On the entry form you will be asked for your acuity sight classification and sighting method and placed in one of the four shooting categories by the Tournament Organiser. You are required to be compliant with all aspects of the relevant category including the wearing of blackouts as required.

Sunday Round – LONG METRIC IV


Long Metric IV – 3 dozen arrows @ 40mtrs and 3 dozen arrows @ 30mtrs

122cm target face shot in ends of 6 in 4 minutes using 10 zone scoring

This Round will include the handicap based ‘Team VI v Team Sighted’ challenge

If you do not have a B1 sight classification but wish to shoot using blackouts then you must comply with the VI1 rules stated in the “BBS Archery Section VI Shooting Category Definitions” document.

Archers using spotters

AGB Rule 1102 b (vii) will apply to all archers using a Spotter (Safety issue):

A VI archer using a spotter shall only approach the target when accompanied by his/her spotter.


The Range/Field may be available for practice Friday afternoon but check with reception first as we do not officially have use of it until Saturday. All markers and tactile equipment must be removed from the Range when you have finished.


When practicing (at any time) and more than one target is being used then a ‘Field Captain’ must be appointed to comply with Archery GB insurance requirements. Whistle or verbal commands may be used but someone must take responsibility for the range.


Please note Lilleshall’s smoking policy:

Lilleshall’s smoking policy states no smoking on the sports pitches. Therefore the smoking area is restricted to the access road (behind the fence).

Please note that this rule also applies to those using electronic cigarettes.


Your e-mail address is important, further information will be sent to you closer to the event date (i.e. target list). If you change your e-mail address at any time, please notify both the Tournament Secretary (Roger Rees-Evans) and the Tournament Organiser (Robin Hall) as soon as possible to ensure you are kept up to date with current and future events.


For those staying residential note that Lilleshall may require a deposit room keys.

If applied this can either be paid in cash or by leaving your credit card details at reception, your deposit will be refunded on return of keys. Please make sure you either read or have explained to you the fire precautions in your room and note that all rooms are non-smoking.

Checking in times are Friday from 13.30 and Saturday from 12.30. If you are staying Friday and Saturday night you must return your room keys by 12.30 Sunday afternoon, those staying Friday night only need to return their keys by 09.30 Saturday morning.


Breakfast: 07.30 – 08.30

Lunch: 12.30 in the Restaurant (both days)

Dinner: 18.30 – 20.00 Friday and 18.30 – 19.30 Saturday

 Any pre-ordered packed lunches will be brought down to the Shooting Range

Light refreshments will be available at the END of the Tournament (both days)


There will be a quiz on Saturday evening in a seminar room above Queens Bar starting at 20.00 and finishing around 21.30 / 22.00 (60 questions and prizes).

Any donations for the raffle will be gratefully appreciated.


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