BBC Radio 4: In Touch on Shopping during lock-down & more

BBC Radio 4: In Touch on Shopping during lock-down & more

Last nights Radio 4’s ‘In Touch covers Shopping during lock-down and Braille library closure. Click or tap below:

Keeping a safe two-metre distance during the COVID-19 lockdown presents a serious difficulty for people who are used to being guided when they shop.

And The RNIB has announced the immediate suspension of its physical Braille library lending services. Dave Williams tells us what other reading options are being made available.

a new petition by leading blind organisations is calling on the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to include the blind and visually impaired in its list of 1.5m vulnerable people who receive priority online shopping slots.

We talk to reporter Mani Djazmi about his own quest for groceries and whether an exception should be made.

Have you signed the petition?

Join the thousands who have added their voice to the campaign calling on the Government to act now and ensure that Blind & Partially Sighted people are made a priority for Online Shopping during Covid19.

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And another entry in our series of notable blind historical figures – the 16th Century recorder player and composer, Jacob Van Eyck, featuring the insights and music of Piers Adams.

Presented by Peter White

Produced by Kevin Core

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