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Eyes-Free Fitness audio exercise programs
Eyes-Free Fitness udio exercise programs for free!

Below are some of the Eyes-Free Fitness® audio exercise programs. All programs are completely free – no strings attached. These programs allow you to stretch, strengthen, condition, and tone your body, all without the benefit of eyesight.

These were kindly given for Free for your use from Mel Scott, who created a website called, Mel who is blind, brought together a team of fitness instructors, musicians, and audio editors in order to provide a variety of exercise programs for people who need or prefer non-visual cues while exercising. –  Now they are all free for you to download and share.

Below is a mini audio-only workout so that you can listen too and see if this type of exercise program is for you, below this are all the download links.

Please read *Medical Disclaimer before trying any of the exercises.

Mini Workout


To download and save this MP3 – on a PC – right-click on the link below and save as or save target as … to your device.

Links below to dropbox folders containing downloadable audio files in MP3 Format

When you click on a link  below it will take you to a Dropbox folder, find the Download link, top right, choose “direct download” option and save to your device.


To support Mel Scott,  who is hosting these audio meditations and exercise programs, click the button below.  All donations are appreciated.

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Mel Scott may be contacted through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and e-mail at

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