Assistive Tech: Where are we going?

Assistive technology: Where are we going

Original broadcast on BBC 4 In Touch radio 4 Show!

The lives of blind and visually-impaired people are being transformed by technology. But where are the changes heading? 

Peter White is joined by YouTuber Lucy Edwards as they head to a Microsoft research centre, to get her take on life as a digital native.  As a blind person, what does she want from the technology that’s around the corner?

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Microsoft’s “Senior Technology Evangelist” Hector Minto explains his job title – and takes Peter and Lucy through some of the tools of their “Seeing AI” app. He addresses their questions about the current state of technology which is for, and increasingly designed by, the blind and visually impaired. 

We also hear from Saqib Shaikh, who was a driving force behind Microsoft’s approach to technology for the blind and VI and from Dave Williams, who trains people to use assistive technology. 

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The Audio podcast  is about 20 minutes

Presenter Peter White.
Producer Kevin Core.


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