Ahoy Shipmates! A Video from visa-gb!

A video about blind and partially sighted sailing from visa-gb!

Ahoy Shipmates and a very happy new year to you all.

It’s great to have seen off 2020 with a size 12 sailing boot in the stern quarters.  Our faces now turned to windward as we await nursey to arrive in full sail with hypodermic pointed at our quivering buttocks, ah the pain and the pleasure!  But before we drift off into the arms of carry on nursing your attention is required.

Way back in the dim and distant days of yesteryear you’ll recall rumours of daring-do on the high seas as team Visa took on the Hollywood big wigs and shot an adventure fit for the big screen – well my hearties that moment is nearly upon us and the first cut is, as they say, in the can.  As this is the first cut and the audio described version is still at the studio we’ll give you the heads up on the action.  Please read below, to set the scene or you can jump to the video Here:  Quick link to the video 

Setting the Scene

With your freshly brewed cuppa and a newly opened packet of digestives, the king of biscuits as voted in 2020, you should sink into your favourite chair, put your feet on the cat and snuggle down as we set the scene.

Our story begins with the tinkling of halyards, sound of the sea, and the music begins.  Our boat, a 45’ Jeanneau sailing yacht with a large cockpit, two steering wheels and enough bunks to sleep ten,  was kindly loaned by to us by UKSA.  We are moored, starboard side too, at Town Quay marina in Southampton.

Town Quay is located to the East side of pier where you would catch the Red Jet to Cowes and about 100 metres from the Red Funnel port.  Once you leave Town Quay you are in Southampton water, which on the two days of filming was unremittingly grey with only the occasion squall to keep us honest.

As you leave the Quay you would expect to pass the huge cruise liners that start their world journeys in normal times.  Anyway back to the music and this heralds the arrival of Anil and Nathalie, Anil is self-guiding himself along the pontoon and Nathalie has the arm of Jane, one of our splendid volunteers.  As they reach the boat canes are folded and they climb aboard to join up with their crewmates Karen, Lorraine, Lofty and Vijay along with volunteers Jane, Bruce and Tim.

Once onboard the trip begins and the visually impaired crew make the boat ready for departure,  engine started, lines off and we are away out into Southampton water.  During the journey the crew hoist the sails, steer the boat, tack the boat, make a brew and do everything needed to go sailing.

With a first time sailor onboard and a busy stretch of water there are two reefs in the main and the headsail is also reefed, wind speed ranges from 8 to 18 knots.

The sea state is smooth as the wind is a north-westerly blowing offshore The voices you hear are from some of those taking part, the first is skipper Tim, then you’ll hear from Lofty, Lorraine, Nathalie, Bruce and Vijay.

We hope you enjoy this film below

We hope their words remind you of the fun of sailing and encourage you to join a trip with us in 2021 

Sailing Schedule for Visa-GB 2021

Website: https://visa-gb.org.uk/


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