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Who do I contact if I have a question about VI sports?

Charlie Raven
Position: SDO of Metro Blind Sport
Email: charlie.raven@metroblindsport.org
Tel no. 07956292046

Who do I contact if I wish to setup a Sporting Event

Charlie Raven
Position: SDO of Metro Blind Sport
Email: charlie.raven@metroblindsport.org
Tel no. 07956292046

Is it possible to get help with Sport kit and equipment?

Each request is considered on an individual basis and Metro supports that sport and that the member is up to date and in good standing.

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What is your Privacy Policy?

Privacy Policy

Metro is the working name for Metro Blind Sport, which is a registered charity No.1158098 (charitable incorporated organisation).

Our registered office is Metro Blind Sport, 5 Mead Road, Uxbridge UB8 1AU

Here at Metro Blind Sport we take your privacy seriously and promise to keep your details secure. This policy explains how we use your personal information and the reasons for keeping it, as well as your rights under the new General Data Protection Regulations.

Download Metro Blind Sport’s:  Privacy Policy  in word format

or visit our web page version: http://bit.ly/NewPrivacyPage

Where can I Buy VI Tennis Balls?

  • Visually impaired tennis balls (also known as audible tennis balls, or soundballs) have been designed to offer people with varied visual impairments the opportunity to participate in tennis. The ball is audible, allowing players with any level of impairment (including if you are completely blind) to participate in activity.Vision impaired tennis balls  can be purchased at cost, if we have some  in stock from Amanda Green: amanda.green@metroblindsport.org 

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Freephone Support with BrowseAloud

Support with using BrowseAloud

A full range of support services are provided for BrowseAloud, See links below.

Freephone Support: Tel: 0800 328 7910

Web: www.browsealoud.com/support
E-Mail: support@browsealoud.com

How do I Use - Start BrowseAloud?

1.  To Start Browsealoud:  click the Browse Aloud link –  top right on all Metro  pages.

listen with browsealoud ear icon

Once Browse Aloud has loaded  – a Browse aloud Toolbar will appear top right.

2.  place your cursor over some text

move cursor over texti is highlighted and read aloud

Now If you place your mouse cursor over some text at the top of  a page, BrowseAloud will first highlight it and then automatically read down the page.

3.  To Stop  BrowseAloud:  click on second icon from the left


Are there any Updates to Browse Aloud in 2016!

 Latest Updates for Browse Aloud – April 2016

for users

  • Improved tabbing: easier navigation around the toolbar using a keyboard the tabbing outline is more defined to better show their location the size of the ‘close’ buttons and radio buttons on the toolbar are bigger.
  • There’s more magnification sizes and voice speed options to choose from
    we’ve added a ‘ruler’ option to the screen mask feature
  • We’ve temporarily removed the settings option from the mobile toolbar – we’re working on making this better

for first time users

  • Browsealoud will say ‘hi’ when you open the toolbar for the first time to introduce you to its reading support.

Browse Aloud Features

Browse Aloud Features

BrowseAloud works on all major browsers and platforms, including mobiles. All features are accessed from an easy-to-use, floating toolbar and the technology is provided free at the point of use.

Text-to-Speech  –  first icon from the left


BrowseAloud improves comprehension and understanding by 7% by highlighting each word as it is read aloud and, simultaneously highlighting the sentence or paragraph in a contrasting colour. This allows users to easily identify what text is being read aloud and to navigate within and between web pages.

Spoken & Written Translation – second icon from the left

BrowseAloud translates web pages into 78 languages and speaks the translated text where there is a matching voice available, which is currently 35 languages. Web owners can choose to have the translator switched on/off.

Text Magnification – third icon from the left

Magnify text as it is read aloud with BrowseAloud. The magnified text is displayed with synchronous highlighting in a single line at the top of the screen as the text is being read aloud. This allows users with visual impairments to access even the smallest of text on a web page.

MP3 Generation – fourth icon from the left

MP3 Generation icon

Convert text to an MP3 file. The text can be saved and listened to at a later time, at home or on the move. Web owners can create MP3 files to be hosted and streamed directly from their website.

Screen Mask – Fifth icon from the left

Block distractions on your screen. A semi-opaque black mask extends across your screen leaving a letterbox reading window clear. This view helps users to focus on the section of the web page they are most interested in and ignore the unnecessary ‘clutter’.

Web Page Simplifier – Sixth icon from the left

Remove clutter from your screen. This feature presents the current web page in a more user-friendly layout that is free from the secondary information on the page, such as adverts.

Customisable Options

Users can customise BrowseAloud to suit individual needs and preferences, with options to alter the voice speed, highlighting colours and the text size during magnification. Users can also select default settings for the features they wish to switch on/off.

Additional Functionality

Reads Secure Web Pages & PDF Documents
BrowseAloud reads secure web pages and it does this whilst maintaining secure communication of confidential and personal information. It also reads almost any PDF documents, even those where the link does not end in “.PDF” and those that are securely hosted.

Web Owner Pronunciation & Voice Control

To ensure that place names, people names and acronyms are pronounced correctly, website owners can make pronunciation corrections on their own website. Equally, if a website owner has a preference for a voice or has a dual- or multi-language site a default voice can be set.


Browse aloud Official Features webpage

Supported Browsers

You can use Browse Aloud with all the major browsers for each platform or device. The following browsers have been fully tested with Browse Aloud:

  • Internet Explorer Versions 8, 9, 10 and 11
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome  Download chrome
  • Safari

Please note: If you are using an Android device we would recommend using Google Chrome.

Does Browse Aloud have Keyboard control?

In regards to keyboard shortcuts they are on our roadmap, we are planning on launching a new UI in September 2015 and we are hoping to make Browse Aloud keyboard accessible with this refresh. At present though you do have to use the mouse to control the functionality.

Jason Gordon – Browse Aloud/Texthelp

What Languages can Browse Aloud Translate and speak?

Having a total of 78 languages with 35 supported voices will open online content to many organisations seeking to expand their reach into today’s diverse marketplace.


Does Browse Aloud need Adobe Flash to run?

BrowseAloud needs Flash enabled to work on older Browsers. Flash is only required on older Browsers that do not support more modern web standards:

Google Chrome already has Flash built into the browser so if you are using that you do not need Flash installed on your computer

Older browers include: IE 8 and 9,  Firefox 21 and below

If you are using Internet Explorer 8 or 9 or Firefox 21 or below and you if try and launch the BrowseAloud Toolbar from the Panel, if you haven’t got Flash installed you will receive the following message in a window

Adobe flash player or above is needed is required to use speech.   Click “OK” to visit adobe website and download the flash player

If you click OK it will take you to http://.get.adobe.com/flashplayer where you are able to download the most up-to-date version of Flash.

What is the maximum size for an MP3 I can create?

The size limit is set at 13,000 characters of text.

Where do the MP3 files download?

Your Internet browser decides where the MP3 files are downloaded to. It will be the same location as where any other files you download from the Internet are saved to.

By default the locations are for Windows 7 / 8 :

Chrome: C:Users*USERNAME*Downloads

Firefox: C:Users*USERNAMEDownloads

Internet Explorer: You are asked for a location to save to.

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Is Membership FREE for Juniors?

We have Two categories of Membership:

  • Junior membership – free for under 25 year-old
  • Adult membership – £10.00 (This is a one-off joining fee for life)

Click this link Here: Join Metro.

How do I as a member update my Contact details?

Amend your contact details

To amend your contact and sports preferences, use the link here:  Update Your Information or by using the above  Update Your Information link on the homepage navigation bar.

Once you have logged in, you can review and amend the information that we currently hold for you.  You may need to amend your details. if for example, your address or telephone number has changed. Once you are happy with any changes you have made, please click the ‘submit’ button to save them.

How do I join if I do not have an Email address

If you don’t have an email address, please contact

Charlie Raven
Position: SDO of Metro Blind Sport
Tel no. 07956292046

Martin Symcox
Position: CEO of Metro Blind Sport
Tel no. 07508 958 927

We will get back to you as soon as possible


Where do I sign up for Juniors?

Click this link Here: Join Metro.

the Join link can be found via the main navigation at the top of this website , under the Membership link.


How do I sign up for the lifetime membership?

You use the  join Metro link here: Join Metro and choose the adult membership

  • Adult membership – £10.00 (This is a one-off joining fee for life)


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When I turn 25 do I have to Pay?


You  can use the  join Metro link here: Join Metro and choose the adult membership

  • Adult membership – £10.00 (This is a one-off joining fee for life)