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Disability Employment in Sport!

Jacob Ross encouraging people with disabilities to pursue a career in sports.

An autistic football coach from Stockton has created a video encouraging people with disabilities to pursue a career in sports.

Jacob Ross, who has Asperger’s syndrome, came top of his course in Sports Coaching and Development at Middlesbrough College, and now coaches for Grangetown Boys Club under-9s Development team having achieved a level 2 qualification from the Football Association.


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He wants his Fixers project to show that having a disability doesn’t need to stop you from excelling within the sports industry.

‘Asperger’s may be looked at as a bad thing, but it doesn’t stop me being able to do what others can do,’ explains Jacob, 21. ‘Just because I’ve got a disability, it doesn’t mean I don’t have the ability.’

‘My Asperger’s has a lot to do with the routine, so going into the coaching session and end game drills, I find they stick in my head because they’re very specific.

‘My problems with my condition relate more to my organisational skills. I struggle with things like getting ready in a morning, because with my clothes I always need to find a pattern with the colours and things like that.

‘It’s ironic because the organisational skills that I have struggled with because of my condition have actually been my strengths while I’ve been coaching on and off the pitch; I can organise sessions, and I can speak to players because I’m approachable and trustworthy.’

Long term, Jacob wants to coach for a premiership team. He also wants to set up a sports academy for those with disabilities. It will initially focus on football but will expand to cover other sports as the demand grows.

‘It’s ambitious, but it’s definitely achievable,’ he explains. ‘I want to show those with disabilities there is no limit to what you can achieve if you just go for it.

‘People with disabilities can do anything as simple as voluntary work, joining the backroom staff, to getting out there alongside one of the managers because it gives them experience of working for the club.

‘If you don’t try, you’ll never know.’

Jacob’s story was supported by the Wellcome Trust.


Coaching can change lives! – Videos by Sport For Confidence!


VI Tennis Cambridge Tournament

Hills Roads Sports and Tennis Center, Perbeck Road, Cambridge CB2 8PF
06th April 2019
£20 per entry -includes lunch and light refreshments throughout the day. 


In association with LTA and Vision 4 Growth Limited

Date:   Saturday 6 April and Sunday 7 April 2019

Venue:  Hills Roads Sports and Tennis Center, Perbeck Road, Cambridge CB2 8PF

Cost: £20 per entry

All bookings have to be done through the LTA official website

Cambridge tennis tournament for blind and visually impaired players montage 2016
Cambridge tennis tournament for blind and visually impaired players montage 2016
  • All levels welcome for this 2-day event.
  • Singles and doubles games will be officiated by qualified LTA Referees and tournament organisers.
  • All players must hold a BBS sight classification in order to compete.  The cost includes lunch and light refreshments throughout the day.

If you need assistance to the station or more information please contact Alex Wheen



Staying Safe From Scams

Staying Safe from Scams from the BBSI


 original article from the BBSI newsletter

Scams come in many different forms and are an attempt to deceive and exploit the unsuspecting and vulnerable with the intention of causing them difficulties and/or of defrauding them. Scams come in the form of email, by letter, telephone, and bogus doorstep callers.

So if someone contacts you by phone and offers you something that sounds suspiciously too good to be true, don’t allow yourself to be taken in: don’t engage in a conversation, or press whatever button you’re asked to press on an automated message. Just hang up!

When it comes to ‘phishing’ emails – the bogus emails masquerading, typically, as your bank or some other service provider in an attempt to get you to divulge personal information – please ignore and delete them!

Never click on a link, give out personal details, passwords, or bank account details. The links may contain viruses or malicious code designed to harm your computer and compromise your privacy.

Also, please don’t allow yourself to be hoodwinked into signing up for goods or services by a doorstep caller – in fact, it’s never a good idea to open the door to strangers unless they can provide credible identification and you’re actually expecting them on legitimate business.

Scammers prey on the elderly and vulnerable, but everyone is potentially at risk of being scammed. Fraudsters will target just about anyone, irrespective of background, age, or where they live.

Here are some typical examples of scams currently doing the rounds and to watch out for – don’t be duped!

HMRC Bogus Phone Calls

This scam is in the form of an automated phone message (with a rather menacing voice) which says that HMRC is filing a lawsuit against you, and to press button one to speak to a caseworker to make a payment. Do not fall for this. Hang up!

Fake TV Licensing Email

These emails attempt to trick people into opening fake emails with subject lines like “correct your licensing information” and “your TV licence expires today”. Other scam email messages tell customers that they are due a refund or need to keep up their payments. A link in the body of the email, if clicked, directs customers to a fake website where they are asked to input personal information and bank details.

BT Fault on the Line Scam

Many BT customers are being targeted with this scam in which an automated message in a well-spoken British male voice (although there are variations of this) tells the customer that there is a fault on their line, and then asks them to press button one. Don’t run the risk of becoming a victim of fraud by doing as requested. Put the phone down. If you were to check the caller’s number, via 1471, this would probably reveal the number to be a spoofed one, i.e. masked by another number to hide the real one.

If you think you may have been the victim of a scam you can get advice from the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 03454 04 05 06. To report a fraud call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.

The following organisations are an excellent source of further information, along with details of the many other types of scams in circulation, and advice on what you can do to stay safe.

Think Jessica                    

Friends Against Scams




VI Sailing is a Growing Passtime

Sailing For Vision Impaired People Is A Growing Passtime

Sailing For Vision Impaired People Is A Growing Passtime.

There are now lots of opportunities for blind and partially sighted people to dip their toe in the water and get sailing.From week-long yacht cruises to specialist groups and welcoming yacht clubs, there’s never been a better time to have a go.

Even at the top competitive levels, teams from Great Britain are hugely successful in competitions, around the globe.

Listen to RNIB Connect Radio’s Allan Russell below in the audio podcast he speaks to World Champion sailor Lucy Hodges, to learn more about the sport and look at past, and future, competitions…

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Free Accessible Yoga: Kings Cross

FREE Yoga in Kings Cross with SENSE

Free Accessible Yoga in Kings Cross

Who: For anyone 18+ with a sensory impairment or complex needs who wants to get involved

When: Starting Thursday 7 Feb  to Thurs 28 March 2019 Time:  2.15 – 3.45pm

Metro would always advise to phone or email the event contacts to confirm there have been no last-minute changes or cancellations.

Where: Pancras Square Leisure, 5 Pancras Rd, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AG

What: Free Accessible yoga

With: Richard, who has over 15 years of experience

brought to you by SENSE

Contact: Mayana McDermott call 0207 014 9318   or email



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