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Vision Impaired Tandem Cycling in London

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Starts in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford
020 7902 0212
16th August 2020
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Cycling is a great way to keep healthy and fit while having fun at the same time!

We have put this page together to help our Members and visitors, find the most local and regular Vision Impaired Tandem Cycling sessions, as easily as possible. The Quick links above take you to the available Tandem Cycling sessions in the London area right now!

 If you are interested in Tandem Cycling

Wheels for Wellbeing – Herne Hill, Merton Sports and Social club – Colliers Wood and British Cycling- Velodrome have a stock of adapted and Tandem bikes.

British Cycling & HSBC UK – Tandem Track and Road Events at Lee Valley VeloPark 2019

check below for HSBC UK Disability Hub London Sessions for 2019

  • Date: 20 Jul 19 Time:10:00 HSBC UK Disability Hub Session – Lee Valley VeloPark (Road)– Cost: £4.00 + £1.00 Application fee   Venue:  Lee Valley Velodrome, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford, London, E20 3AB
  • Date: 17 Aug 19 Time:10:00 HSBC UK Disability Hub Session – Lee Valley VeloPark (Road)– Cost: £4.00 + £1.00 Application fee   Venue:  Lee Valley Velodrome, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford, London, E20 3AB
  • Date: 21 Sep 19 Time:08:00 HSBC UK Disability Hub Session – Lee Valley VeloPark (Track)– Cost: £10.00 + £1.00 Application fee   Venue:  Lee Valley Velodrome, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford, London, E20 3AB
  • Date: 19 Oct 19 Time:08:00 HSBC UK Disability Hub Session – Lee Valley VeloPark (Track)– Cost: £10.00 + £1.00 Application fee   Venue :  Lee Valley Velodrome, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford, London, E20 3AB
  • Date: 16 Nov 19 Time:08:00 HSBC UK Disability Hub Session – Lee Valley VeloPark (Track)– Cost: £10.00 + £1.00 Application fee   Venue:  Lee Valley Velodrome, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford, London, E20 3AB

Book  here: http://bit.ly/BCTandemCyclingLondon2019

If you require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact lead coaches Russell Hampton & Dave Ryan.



Tandem Cycling with MSSC

Tandem cycling with merton sports and social club
Merton sports and social club Upcoming Cycling events

MSSC is based in Colliers Wood, London SW19.  The club has a fleet of tandems and  pair sighted front riders with vision impaired back riders for regular rides, mainly on quiet roads and trails.

Merton Sport and Social Club Upcoming Cycling Events 2019

We have enjoyed some great rides so far this year in varying types of weather!  Now that spring is in the air and the hours of daylight are extending, we are looking ahead and hoping to plan some all day rides plus some gentle evening excursions and even a weekend cycling trip, to make the most of the lighter, longer days.


How do you fancy a weekend of tandem cycling, largely through beautiful English countryside, leaving the Guardian Centre early on Saturday 6th July, stopping overnight at an AirBnB, then cycling back to Colliers Wood on Sunday 7th?  The precise route and destination will depend on numbers and where we can find suitable accommodation for us and the bikes, so it is vital we gauge interest as quickly as possible.  Please let us know ASAP if this appeals to you.

Email: cycling@mssc.org.uk


As soon as we are into May, We are looking to run a weekly evening ride, probably on Wednesdays, starting around 6.30 from the Guardian Centre and returning between 9.00 and 9.30pm.  However, we can only run these rides if we have enough willing pilots and ride leaders, who know of well-located pubs and the best route there and back!

Please get in touch if you would like to cycle on any Wednesday evening in May, June or July, especially if you can lead a ride.

Email: cycling@mssc.org.uk



Bike Week is an annual event initiated by Cycling UK.  It is a great opportunity to celebrate the social, health and environmental benefits of cycling.  This year, Bike Week is between 8th and 16th June.  If you have any ideas as to how MSSC can celebrate this special event, please get in touch.

Email: cycling@mssc.org.uk



Below are ride dates for the next few months of 2019  (S stands for short, L for long and E for evening). The all day rides will be at least 50 miles in length, with several refreshment stops, and will return early evening.


Sunday 2nd (all day ride)

Wednesday 5th (E)

Wednesday 12th (E)

Saturday 15th (S)

Wednesday19th (E)

Wednesday 26th (E)


Wednesday 3rd (E)

Saturday 6th/Sunday 7th (weekend ride)

Wednesday10th (E)

Wednesday 17th (E)

Saturday 20th (S)

Wednesday24th (E)

Wednesday 31st (E)


Sunday 4th (L)

Saturday 17th (S)


Sunday 1st (L)

Saturday 21st (S)


Sunday 6th (L)

Saturday 19th (S)

if you are willing to lead a ride or recommend a particular destination, please let us know, as we are keen to broaden our base of ride leaders and expand our repertoire of routes.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Richard and Terry James

MSSC Tandem Section

Email: cycling@mssc.org.uk

or visit our website: www.MSSC.org.uk


We endeavour to keep our bikes well maintained and in good condition, in order to have enough suitable tandems available for each ride.  Inevitably, however, some of our bikes incur mechanical difficulties every so often, which we aim to rectify in time for the next ride.  This can be demanding in terms of time, energy and money, so we would be hugely grateful for any help from anyone with bike maintenance know-how and a bit of time to spare.  Happily, a couple of our regular pilots have kindly offered to put some Tuesday afternoons by to inspect and clean the bikes and carry out minor repairs.  Please let us know if you are free to join them to help keep our cherished tandems in good order.  If you have no maintenance skills, but are happy to help clean the bikes, you would be very welcome.



Are you keen to improve your cycling technique?  Are you a back rider who would like to learn more about gear changing and  how a bike actually works?  Would you like to see what it’s like

on the front of a tandem?  If there is sufficient interest, we would be happy to schedule   some “pedal power” workshops, either on a Saturday morning or on a Tuesday evening before the drop-in social.

Let us know if this is of interest.



Essentially, all you need to remember is that, as a general rule, the long ride is around 30 to 40 miles and is on the first Sunday, while the short ride is around 15 to 25 miles on the third Saturday.

Unless otherwise stated, all rides start at 8.30am from the Guardian Centre and include a refreshment stop.  Please endeavour to arrive promptly, so that the bikes can be prepared in good time for a 9.00 departure.  We TRY TO make it a priority to see that the long ride returns by 3.00pm and the short ride by 1.00pm, so waiting for latecomers to arrive can mean the ride has to be cut short.

If you are a stoker, please email cycling@mssc.org.uk to book on to a ride as soon as possible, preferably with at least a fortnight’s notice.  Securing sufficient pilots tends to be a demanding task, and places on a ride will be allocated on a first come first served basis.  If you are a pilot, letting us know your availability well in advance is hugely helpful.  The ride organiser will confirm whether or not sufficient pilots are available by the Thursday before the ride; if you have not heard by then, please contact us to check your name is definitely on the list.



YouTube Video of USA Vision Impaired Tandem Biking


Vision Impaired Cycling & Tandem Cycling

Metro would advise to always phone or email the Event contacts, to confirm that there have been no changes to the event time or date to avoid possible disappointment.

Bikeworks – East and west London

Bikeworks All Ability Cycling

At Bikeworks we are committed to creating a wide and diverse cycling community. At the heart of this are our All Ability Cycling Clubs which are designed to get people cycling whatever their level of confidence, experience or ability.

The clubs are designed to be truly inclusive and we have a range of adapted bikes including hand-cycles, adult tricycles, recumbents, tandems, car bikes and loads more.

We have three permanent clubs, but we are always looking for new funding, partners or locations so if you would like to discuss this further please get in touch.

Victoria Park  (North East London) 

Every Wednesday 1pm until 3pm. Alternate Saturdays between 1pm and 3pm. On Saturdays, there is an under 16s club between 12pm and 1pm.

Meeting place – Lock House Gate entrance, Parnell Road, E3 2JU
OverGround Station: Hackney Wick overground + 12 minute Walk
Bus: 276, 488 – Stop OD- Waterside Close


Little Wormwood Scrubs (West London)

Fridays 11am until 1pm and alternate Saturdays 1pm until 3pm.

Meeting place – The park entrance by Dalgarno Gardens, W10 6AD
Undersground: Latimer Road  + 17 minute Walk
Bus: 202 – Stop H – Mitre Way Wormwood Scrubs


The Olympic Park (QEOP)

Tuesdays 11am until 1pm, and alternate Saturday 11-1. We meet outside the Cycle Surgery at the Velodrome.

Meeting place – outside the Lee Valley VeloPark on Abercrombie Rd
E15 2EN
OverGround Station: Hackney Wick overground + 20 minute Walk
Bus: 308 – Stop X – Velopark

There is no charge to access the All Ability Club at the moment, it runs on a first come first served basis and attendees are able to take the bike out for a maximum of 20 minutes (though this can depend on how busy we are).

Companion Cycling

Companion Cycling

Companion Cycling is a project which enables people who are unable to ride “solo” to enjoy cycling with a companion in the lovely environment of Bushy Park.

Anyone, whatever their ability or mobility, can become a cyclist using a special cycle and with the aid of a “pilot” who might be a carer, a friend, a family member or a Companion Cycling volunteer.

Companion Cycling is situated in the Stockyard (adjacent to the Park Offices, off Hampton Court Road)

Companion Cycling is a registered charity.

For enquiries and advance bookings please leave a message on 07961 344 545.


Charlotte’s Tandems

Charlotte's Tandems Logo

What we do at Charlotte’s Tandems

We lend, at no cost (i.e. for free), tandems and tag-alongs to (and only to) people with disabilities or additional needs, who are unable to ride a bike safely on their own, so that they can enjoy the wonders of cycling.

 What we don’t (and won’t) do

VIst the website link below for detailed information. 

Website Link:  http://www.charlottestandems.co.uk/


 Pedal Power – North London

Pedal Power logo

Pedal Power offers cycling open to all disabled people in Finsbury Park.

WHAT? Pedal Power is the cycling club for teenagers and adults with learning disabilities.
WHERE? Finsbury Park basketball courts. Visit our map to learn more.
WHEN? Alternate Saturdays, 12:00 – 4:00. Please see our calendar for more details.
COST: Absolutely FREE.
WHY? Because it’s fun!

There are tandems and many other types of bike.
Pedal Power is the cycling club for teenagers and adults with learning disabilities we meet on the Finsbury Park basketball courts fortnightly on Saturdays between 12:00 and 4:0pm
Please visit Pedal Powers Calendar for dates

Please wear suitable footwear. Helmets are necessary and provided for those who don’t have their own. Carers and support workers are encouraged to join in. Our trainers are qualified National Standards cycle trainers.

Sessions feature:

  • Cycling for complete beginners on 2 wheels or trikes
  • Games to improve cycling skills
  • An opportunity to try for the Special Olympics
  • Specialised bikes for a whole range of disability
  • Off road location

CONTACT Pedal Power

If you have any queries please contact Club Coordinator Jo Roach info@pedalpowercc.org

Pedal Power Website : http://www.pedalpowercc.org/

Wheels For Wellbeing – South London

Wheels for Wellbeing (WfW) is an award-winning charity supporting disabled people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the benefits of cycling.

Cycling can be easier than walking, a way to keep independent, fit and healthy, a mobility aid, and a useful form of everyday transport. Inclusive cycling means EVERYONE can cycle regardless of age, health condition or impairment.

Website: http://www.wheelsforwellbeing.org.uk/

Metro would advise to always phone or email the Event contacts, to confirm that there have been no changes to the event time or date to avoid possible disappointment.

Croydon Sports Arena


Venue: Albert Road, South Norwood SE25 4QL
 Call: 07806 334 770

Tuesdays 10am – 1pm
Fridays 11am – 1pm 
(great for group bookings)
Saturdays 10am – 12:30pm

Train: Norwood Junction. Elmers End. Arena (Tramlink 2)
Bus: 130, 196, 197, 312, 289, 367
Car: Free parking on site
Google maps

Herne Hill Velodrome (outdoors)

104 Burbage Road, SE24 9HE
CALL: 07578 746 448

Mondays 11am – 1:30pm (10:30am-12:30pm school holidays
– ring contact to confirm)

We ride on the flat part of the track.

Train: Herne Hill or North Dulwich.
Bus: P4, P13, 3, 37, 68, 196, 201, 322, 468
Car: Free parking on site
Google maps

Ladywell Day Centre, Sports Hall (indoors)

148 Dressington Avenue, Lewisham SE4 1JF
CALL:  0756 116 6949

Tuesdays 10:30am – 12:30pm  (great for group bookings.)

If the weather is fine we also lead a ride through the park.

Train: Ladywell
Bus: 284, P4, 122
Car: Free parking on site (collect a free permit from reception)
Google maps

CONTACT Wheels For Wellbeing

Call: 020 7346 8482
336 Brixton Road, SW9 7AA
or you can contact: Alex Ingram, Community Engagement Officer
Phone: 07717 725 120 or Email: alex@wheelsforwellbeing.org.uk

Website: http://www.wheelsforwellbeing.org.uk/

Limited Edition Cycling- Greenwich


Unique is our all ability cycling project, for all riders, families and carers, regardless of their ability or need.

Date: Saturday’s  Time: 1.30pm – 2.30pm
Venue: Stationers Crown Woods Academy, Bexley Road, Eltham, SE9 2PT
£1 per rider per session with a parent/carer going free.

CONTACT Limited Edition Cycling

For more information or to get involved: unique@limitededitioncycling.co.uk
Or ring Ollie on 07984 200566


The Tandem Club

The Tandem Club

The Tandem Club is recommend by Monica Smith, one of our Metro Trustees, so definitely worth checking out.

The Tandem Club have groups in London and you can ring their local groups and ask if there are any members willing to be front-riders. They have a for sale board and are also now doing audio versions of their journals.

West London Club

Essex and East London

About the Tandem Club

The Tandem Club was formed in the UK in 1971 primarily to provide otherwise unobtainable spare parts and technical advice on how to maintain the older machines. This is still an important function but since then the Club has developed along with the increased interest in tandems, extending the range of services and benefits it offers to its members, and currently the Club has a world wide membership of over 5,000 members.

Throughout the UK over 40 Regional Officers organise Tandem Club activities on a local basis. They can be contacted to find out what is happening in their area or for advice on how to arrange activities.

Both within and outside the UK there are members who are willing to give advice to members touring in their country and to provide emergency assistance.

Many national events are organised by members throughout the year in the UK, and events are arranged from time to time, usually every year, in another European country. Details of these events are published in the Club’s bi-monthly Journal and are shown in Major TC Events and the What’s On Guide.

Tandem Club Main website:  https://www.tandem-club.org.uk/

Other useful Tandem Cycling Links:

The Definitive Guide to Safer Cycling  by Jonas Greene

FAQ on Tandem Cycling




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